Getting Help through the ClientZone


The DOT-COMmunICaTions team is constantly striving to add to and refine the information, advice and online support available for local not-for-profit organisations in order to help you get up to speed with the benefits of ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

Although in the past ICT and IT have often been used interchangeably, we feel that a distinction should be made between the two.

ICT extends beyond just the technological use of computers and computer-based technology and concerns the acquisition of critical skills as well as the appropriate application of technical knowledge.

That's where DOT-COMmunICaTions can help you if you are involved with a Calderdale-based not-for-profit organisation. We can provide you with a wide variety of quality services and products at highly competetive prices and we can support you, your staff and volunteers to enable you to get the best out of your computer equipment and facilities.

And don't forget, registered clients can contact us directly through our online support desk if they have any computer-related questions or enquiries.

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