Dangerous emails claiming to be from Microsoft Update Centre

Phishing Email Threat

Beware of a dangerous new phishing email entitled 'Update for Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express (KB910721)'.

A number of organisations have recently fallen prey to a rather effective phishing email attack that claims to be from the Microsoft Update Center. The emails tell you that you need to download and apply a security update (KB910721) for Outlook & Outlook Express. The link in the email takes you to a fake website which will attempt to obtain access to your confidential personal information such as identity or financial information. 

If you suspect any email of being a possible phishing attack, simply delete it, do not forward it to others.

The most dangerous  aspect of this attack is that the layout and font used is identical to those used by the Microsoft Update service to update or fix their PC legitimately. Of course, Microsoft will never email you with updates for your computer, but the website is extremely well designed and could catch users unaware.

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