December 2010 "Colour a Computer" Competition

Throughout the year, DOT-COMmunications donates a number of reconditioned computer systems to deserving local community organisations. However, we also look to bring a little extra festive cheer to some Calderdale residents.

Every Christmas we support the Hebden Bridge Toy Appeal with donations and we also distribute a number of computer systems through our annual Colour a Computer Competition which we brought back in time for Christmas, bigger and better than ever!!!

The competition this year was held at Deanfield Community Primary School in Ovenden where four lucky children won high specification refurbished PCs (and in one lucky case, a laptop), as a reward for their artistic efforts.

the competition once again was of an extremely high quality, however four extremely talented youngsters won and are pictured receiving their prizes in time for Christmas.

Lisa Fish aged 8, Nathan Lamb aged 8, Casey aged 6 and Eloise Pendleton aged 3
receiving their prizes from DOT-COMmunications' Manager, Jae Campbell.


DOT-Communications is a not-for-profit social enterprise based at Salem Community Resource Centre in Hebden Bridge, which was set up to provide a variety of IT Services to not-for-profit organisations. Its 3R-iT Project sells low-cost refurbished and reconditioned computers to local community and faith organisations and not-for-profit social enterprises as well as to individuals on low income.

As DOT-Communications is a member of the Ground Floor charity's 'family' of social and community enterprises, the competition entries were judged this year by the Ground Floor's Chairperson, Les Siddall who examined the numerous entries for originality, creativity and age-appropriateness.

  Although it was intended to give three computers this year (one more than we intended last year), the standard of remaining entries was again so high that it was agreed to award a fourth prize to the top runner up.


Over 8's Winning Entry

The 8's and over winning Entry by Nathan Lamb, aged 8

Over 8's Winning Entry

The 8's and over winning Entry by Lisa Fish aged 8

Under 8's winning Entry

The Under 8's Winning Entry by Casey, aged 6

Honourable Mention

Best Runner Up Entry by Eloise Pendleton, aged 3

From those Friendly People at DOT-COMmunications