Windows 7 Versions & Release Date

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The release date of Windows 7 has been confirmed as Thursday, 22nd of October, by Microsoft.

Windows 7 will available in five editions - Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate - with a Basic edition also sold in developing countries.

Initially, Microsoft said that the Starter edition would be limited to running just three applications simultaneously (excluding background processes such as anti-virus applications, wireless and Bluetooth, and system tools like Explorer and Control Panel).

However, a Microsoft blog has now revealed that even the cheapest version of Windows 7 should be able to run as many applications as you like (or as many as the stripped-down netbooks that will be using it can handle).

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DOT-COMm says: 

We recommend NOT installing/buying Windows 7 at least initially. All operating systems need time (and testing) to get the bugs sorted out and we do not advise community groups initially to use their office equipment as a guinea-pig for Microsoft:


  • Microsoft claims “You shouldn’t need a new or better PC to enjoy Windows 7”. However we remember Microsoft making similar claims about Vista-capable machines when it first launched. Please wait until the minimum specification has been confirmed.
  • Easy Upgrade Path but only from Vista. Windows 7 might easily be upgraded from Vista, but XP machines may require a re-install. Interestingly, 7 has an ‘XP mode’ which allows you to run software that worked on XP but not on Vista. However, this needs to be fully tested and confirmed before relying on this. 
  • Windows 7 will available in different versions to suit different markets. When Microsoft first introduced XP Pro and XP Home, many people ended up buying the wrong version and had to upgrade later. Windows 7, like Vista, will be available in a variety of versions.  Rather than electing to buy either the cheapest or most expensive versions, we suggest waiting until it becomes clear what each version includes before buying.

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